We'll work with you to create a high quality template design and then turn it over to you to build your survey using the powerful tools built into our application. The built-in question library, featuring multiple question types, enables you to ask just the right questions. You can also set branch and skip logic rules to ask your respondents relevant questions depending on their early answers. It's almost like mind reading; but more believable!

Choose how you would like to send your survey using our full menu of options. You can send a link to survey via email, or send the whole survey in the text of an email message. We offer friendly email reminders to increase your response rate. We can also keep recipients from skewing your results with our duplication controls, and those respondents that like their privacy will love our anonymity features. Easy for us to say, right?

View summary reports in a convenient format for every survey, as well as each individual responses in full. Basically, when you review your survey results and you are dying to see what genius wrote a particular response, you can zero right in on it. You can create easy-to-understand reports with our push button report feature that will allow you to easily distribute results to the powers that be.