More Powerful than your BackswingWith belongSURVEY you are going to be taking the 'pulse' of your members, clients, employees, and more in an easy to use, yet powerful survey platform. Take our tour and learn about how easy this really is. With all our easy to use features you will have time to take a golf lesson or two. Your caddie recommends it.

Survey Development

Survey Creation

Survey Creation

Design your survey using the powerful features provided by belongSURVEY. Use a built-in template or have us design one for you that reflects your image properly. Choose question types, apply different options to questions or answer choices, set logic rules, make a corporate-style design, and your survey is ready to go!

14 questions types

14 question types

With our library of 14 different question types, you can ask any kind of question. From a simple text question, to more complex ranking along a scale, and even advanced matrix-type questions; you'll be able to ask for exactly the feedback you want.

Report customization

Various question and answer options

Easily manage questions and answer options in your survey. After creating questions using the question library, set mandatory and recommended-to-answer questions, add automatic question numbering, break your survey into pages, randomize questions or answer options, and much more!

Advanced logic features

Advanced logic features

Set branch and skip logic rules to ask your respondents relevant questions depending on their early answers. The Advanced Logic feature will allow you to design complex rules, thus delivering more precise responses from your audience.

On-demand survey design

Custom Branded Survey Design

Creating the perception that the survey distributed to your audience is coming from your site can certainly play a valuable role in increasing your response rates. Our team of talented web developers can create virtually any template to meet your color, image, and style needs.

Our custom branding package includes the following:

  - Custom Survey Template
  - Privately Branded Survey URL
  - Unlike our competitors you won’t see our logo anywhere. It is all about you!

Multilingual surveys

Multilingual surveys

Design your survey in multiple languages (Asian characters also supported) so that every respondent will see the survey in their own language. After they answer, you'll see both separate and combined summary results.

Automatic email alert

Automatic email alert

Know immediately about a specific survey response! Set an automatic email alert to yourself, a team member, or even to a respondent when you receive a specific response to a question.

Redirect or say 'thank' to respondent

Redirect or say "thanks" to respondent

Choose to redirect the respondent to your specified URL after survey submission. Or simply redirect them using a customized "thank you" page.

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